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  • Office Furniture Recycling

Office Furniture Recycling

At JT & Sons we pride ourselves on delivering the very best Office Furniture Recycling services possible. Being awarded Commercial Mover of the Year two years running is something we are very proud of because this gives new clients complete peace of mind when looking for their Furniture Recycling Contractor.

JT & Sons Relocations are extremely committed to the Environment. We became accredited with ISO 14001 (Environmental Management System) at the beginning of our second year and continue to work on our objectives as well as helping our clients improve their sustainability.

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Office Furniture Recycling Services

JT & Sons undertake office furniture dismantling and recycling for the majority of our Clients. We will provide fully trained, professional removal staff to accomodate any requirements you may have.

Environmental Policies

Working strictly to the Waste Hierarchy, our 'Reuse First' policy ensures that wherever possible the maximum amount of items will be reused. Our project manager can contact charities and community organisations locally to you with an aim to donating redundant furniture and effects. Any recipient of items to be reused will be issued with a 'Furniture Recycling Audit' form at the point of handover. The recipients are required to sign to confirm that when they no longer require the items they items must be either reused or recycled through the appropriate channels, thus passing on the duty of care and providing a clear audit trail and protection for your Business.

Using the same step on the hierarchy we aim to refurbish what we can for onward use, however, we understand that this has to be a cost effective exercise for our clients including recognition and research of the market available for the product.

Where property cannot be reused or refurbished each item is split down. Our fitters are trained specifically to ensure that the component parts are carefully separated in order to achieve the highest rate possible for recyclable material.

Where recycling is required this will always be undertaken at approved centres, close to your offices minimising fuel emissions. With this in mind, if your offices are some distance from one of our depots, we will hire the vehicles we require within your town once again keeping mileage to a minimum.

Upon completion of the work our expert team will provide a full Project Report which will contain all necessary certification and tonnage figures.

WEEE Recycling

All electrical items covered under the The Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment Directive (WEEE) will be recycled as per the current regulations and at an approved recycling centre. Full audit trails are obtained and dockets will be forwarded to you following completion of the recycling.

For a truly dedicated office recycling quotation or if you wish to view our Waste Carriers Certification please contact us