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  • Health & Safety

Health & Safety

JT & Sons Relocations Ltd have an excellent track record with regards to Health & Safety. Where necessary, you will recieve a site-visit prior to your quotation, this ensures we can provide you with a full Risk and Method Statement (RAMS) detailing each and every possible risk which could arise during your removal. We will also advise how risks can be reduced to show our commitment to ensuring the working environment is as safe as it possibly can be for all employees and clients.

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Professional and Responsible - Safety comes first!

JT & Sons Relocations Ltd recognizes its duties under health and safety legislation to ensure as far as reasonably practicable the health, safety and welfare of its employees and any other persons who may be affected by the Company's operations, such as visitors and contractors.

The Health and Safety at Work Act 1974 was introduced so that everyone at work would be able to benefit from a high standard of health and safety in the working environment at all times. Every employee has legal obligations to co-operate with the Company and to take reasonable care for health and safety at work for both themselves and those who may be affected by what they do.

JT & Sons Relocations Ltd will always try to make sure that everyone's health and safety is protected while we are at work. To do this we provide safe-guards, enforce safety rules and train people to work safely.

Our Employees understand:
- Obey safety rules and signs
- Listen carefully to instructions and act responsibly
- Report anything they think may be dangerous to their manager or the Safety Officer
- If they are not sure about something they will ask, our staff understand there is no such thing as a silly question where safety is concerned
- Their Safety Officer will always be available to answer any questions they may have

Philip Vandenberg is JT & Son's Competent Person as required by Regulation 7 of the Management of Health and Safety at Work Regulations 1999.

A copy of our Health and Safety Policy can be downloaded from here.